03 September, 2012

My journey from Ghana to China

I was so excited when I got the visa to travel to China. It meant that, all was clear for me to travel to China for my PhD. I had longed for this day!

The journey itself was very long. I, together with another colleague, left Accra around 13: 50 GMT. It took us six hours and ten minutes to get to Cairo, by Egyptair, nine hours and fifty minutes, from Cairo to Guangzhou, and finally, two hours and five minutes from Guangzhou to Chengdu. The scheduled time between flights were supposed to be one hour twenty-five minutes (since we were just transiting) and two hours fifty minutes, respectively.

There was a delay in the flight schedule from Cairo to Guangzhou by about one hour, fifteen minutes. I knew that was going to affect us when we got to Guangzhou. In order to save time, we did our best by rushing to join the queue for the immigration processes, but we could still not make it in time to catch the flight (China Southern Airline) we had booked for Chengdu. Fortunately for us, we got a reservation on China Air for free. Apparently, Egyptair and China Air are members of Star Alliance. Since Egyptair's delay contributed to our missing the flight, another Star Alliance member had to bear the consequences. To cut a long story short, we got to Chengdu around 23:00 (GMT+8), the following day.

We lodged at a hotel and found our way to the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) the following day.


  1. it's not a bad trip @ all ba it's worth a journey.

  2. when ever i here of you I remember fiber optics lectures thanks for helping us in our studies we hope to see you in Ghana after your program
    all the best sir we missed you a lot